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Performance Car Modification

Performance Car Modifications Reno, NV Do you ever want to speed down the road and push your car to its limits? Does the performance of your car hold you back? If that's the case, you need a car performance modification. At Real Performance Speed Shop, we have a team of expert mechanics and technicians who can help with the process. We will modify and tune your car until it can deliver the performance you need.

Performance Modifications

Performance modification packages can vary based on the car owner's requirements and preferences. Our experienced team can take your vehicle to the next level with some installations and fine-tuning. Here's a look at what you can expect:

  • Turbocharge or Supercharger – These components can increase the power output and speed of your vehicle why pushing air into the engine.
  • ECU Remapping – We can adjust the Engine Control Unit settings to improve engine performance and output. Most manufacturers map the ECU conservatively, which means the engine never reaches its full potential under these settings.
  • Nitrous Kit Installation – Do you want to boost your engine’s power and car’s speed at the press of a button? The NOS will do that and give you more than 150 additional HPs in an instant.
  • Transmission Upgrade – Changing the transmission can help with power management and improve the car’s performance significantly.
  • Brakes – High-performance vehicles need good-quality brakes to ensure the driver’s safety. We can upgrade your current brakes to ensure they can handle higher engine performance and force well.
  • Suspension Upgrades – Suspension controls the handling and stability of your vehicle. High-performance cars need a sound suspension system to handle all that power efficiently and still ensure the ride is comfortable.

These are just some of the many power modifications we can make to your car. Our team can also handle functional and aesthetic modifications, so your vehicle performs wells, looks excellent, and is comfortable. We can add air conditioning, satellite navigation systems, parking sensors, entertainment units, check the paint job, add coating, etc. Our team can transform your car until it is an entirely different and powerful beast.

Professional Car Modification Services

We provide expert car modification services and will ensure your vehicle reaches its full potential. Our team uses the latest technology and equipment for the modification. Here's a look at what you can expect:

We install new components carefully and make sure they work harmoniously with your car. Our team only uses good-quality spare parts manufactured by reliable companies. We will use components with a proven track record in the high-performance vehicles to ensure you don't face any issues down the line. We will fine-tune your engine and drivetrain to ensure it reaches its full potential. Our expert EFI and dyno tuning services can help maintain the performance over time as well.

If you want to know more about our performance car modification or wish to enhance your car, don't hesitate to get in touch with Real Performance Speed Shop. You can call 775-250-3046 or use our contact us form to reach us.