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Turbo, Supercharger & Nitrous Installs

Turbo, Supercharged & Nitrous Installs Reno, NV There’s nothing quite as thrilling as racing down the streets at high speed while feeling the power of your car under your hands. Regular cars can go fast if you push them to their limits, but they don’t provide the same burst of power and speed as enhanced vehicles. A combination of turbo, supercharger, and NOS installs will satiate your need for speed. At Real Performance Speed Shop, we provide expert turbo, supercharged, and nitrous installs. If you’re looking for a mechanic you can trust, we’re the right choice.

Turbocharger Installation

A turbocharger is one of the most popular ways to boost a car's power and speed. It also decreases acceleration times by a considerable margin so you can get from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. The turbocharger uses the exhaust gas pressure generated while the engine is running. This process increases the airflow to the engine, and that improves its performance.

Unlike a supercharger, a turbocharger doesn't put any load on the engine's rotation mechanism. It means there's no drop in horsepower. You can use the engine's full capacity as the component will overcome any performance loss.

However, turbochargers experience lag as it takes time for the exhaust gas pressure to turn the charger’s systems. Once the turbines start running and the charger has power, you won’t have any issues with performance. We provide expert turbocharger installation services that will take your vehicle's performance to the next level.

Supercharger Installation

Turbochargers and superchargers serve the same purpose. They enhance engine performance and increase your car's speed. However, a supercharger draws its power from the engine's rotating assembly instead of exhaust gas pressure. It increases the vehicle's speed significantly and improves its performance. The charger must overcome performance loss before gaining from the cycle.

The initial performance loss is the only hurdle. Superchargers don't experience any initial lag and will deliver sound output from the moment you turn the key. The component uses forced cold air to improve the overall performance of the charger.

Our experts can install a supercharger system in your car and make sure everything is finely tuned to deliver top-notch performance. If you want a reliable supercharger that won't cause any damage to your vehicle, we can help.

Nitrous Installs

Nitrous Oxide System or NOS can top your engine performance and give you an additional boost of 150HP. This system requires careful and contained installation because even a single spark can ignite the gas. Our experts have handled several custom nitrous installs over the years and have a sound understanding of the process. We will make sure the system is in order and doesn't cause problems down the line. Our experts will double-check everything to make sure there’s no risk of damage or explosion.

For more information about our turbo, supercharged, and nitrous installs or want to enhance your car, get in touch with Real Performance Speed Shop. You can call 775-250-3046 or use our contact us form to reach us.